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In reply to the third Question, it was held that a minority institution may have its own procedure and method of admission as well as selection of students, but such a procedure would have to be fair and transparent and the selection of students in professional and higher educational colleges should be on the basis of merit.

One of the teachers was the great Vedic thinker and politician Chanakya. Her appointment is ranked important by both male and female staff members for inculcating values of merit, removal of discrimination against women in the college specifically, and society, generally, it also encourages young women to join the profession.

In order to appreciate the challenge Business law paper 2013 punjab university to the fournotifications, it is necessary to understand the functions and duties of the Medical Council of India under the Indian Medical Council Act, ,and the Dental Council of India constituted under the Dentists Act, Parasaran urged that in P.

Complete information on CAT eligibility criteria is available here. The learned Judges fully considered the mandate of equality and pointed out the need to take into account different considerations relating to differing levels of social, economic and educational development of different regions, disparity in the number of seats available in different States and the difficulties that may be faced by students from one region, if they get a seat in another region.

Punjab, Pakistan

Also revision of Rules of Criminal Procedure. Whether NEET violates the rights of religious and linguistic minorities to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice, as guaranteed under Article 30 of the Constitution? Law College was established infourteen years before the University of the Punjab and has a rich history and culture.


One big problem there, the president has no constitutional authority to make law. Salve urged that in such a situation, minimum qualifying marks were necessary, but the said question has not been addressed at all in Lavu Narendranath's case suprasince it did not arise in that case.

Parasaran submitted that in Pradeep Jain Vs. Briefly illustrate the rights, duties and liabilities of a common carrier Or Discuss liabilities of railway as a carrier of goods Or What is common carry?

Some cities will have more than 1 test centres.

CAT 2018 - Common Admission Test

They own you too. Alexander invested many troops, eventually killing seventeen thousand Cathians in this battle, and the city of Sagala present-day Sialkot was razed to the ground. Section 19A, which was inserted into the principal Act much before Section 10A, speaks of the minimum standards of medical education, other than post-graduate medical qualification, which the Medical Council of India may prescribe as being required for grant of recognition to medical institutions in India.

Learned counsel submitted that the institution was established by a Christian minority doctor in response to her religious beliefs and the command of Jesus Christ exhorting His disciples and followers to heal the sick and has evolved an admission process for both its undergraduate and post graduate courses in order to ensure that the selected candidates are suitable for being trained according to the ideology professed at Vellore.

Salve submitted that the Committee set up by the Government of Tamil Nadu has permitted the Institution to follow its own admission procedure for undergraduate M. Parasaran submitted that the impugned Regulations were not in the national interest and would only discourage good private institutions being established by people dedicated to the cause of providing health care to all sections of the citizens of this country and, in particular, the marginalized sections in the metropolitan and rural areas.

Louisiana, the only state not to adopt the Uniform Commercial Code due to difficulties in reconciling its provisions with those of the Civil Code, adopts Articles 1,3,4,5,7, and 8.

Or Who is unpaid seller? Muslim soldiers, traders, architects, theologians and Sufis Muslim mystics came from the rest of the Muslim world to the Islamic Sultanate in South Asia. The kingdom was founded when the Graeco-Bactrian king Demetrius invaded the subcontinent early in the 2nd century BC.

After the test, candidate must leave the scratch paper at the desk. Parasaran submitted that in the case of aided non-minority institutions, the State may by Regulation provide for a larger role for the State in relation to matters of admission. Deans of Faculties, Directors of the Institutes and Centers, Principals of the Constituent Colleges and Chairpersons of Departments are dependable for the academic actions of their respective academic institutions.

Parasaran, learned Senior Advocate, appearing on behalf of the Vinayaka Missions University, run by a linguistic minority, also enjoying the rights guaranteed under Article 19 1 g and the protection of Article30 of the Constitution.

As a consequence, the responsibility of the State became one of protecting the people from the tyranny of federal government, to insure that the federal government did not reach beyond the bounds of the Constitution.

A number of eminent bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers and judges of higher and superior judiciary are graduates of the college and continue to serve the country to the best of their abilities.

Attach all your academic record with Punjab bar council intimation form which includes your matriculation, intermediate, bachelor certificates and transcript mark sheet of your LLB. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

Discuss its important rules? In the Soan River, many fossil bearing rocks are exposed on the surface.

How To Get Lawyer License Of Punjab Bar Council In Pakistan [Updated]

Now compile these documents and send it again to the bar council through post or through member bar council. Uniform Laws seem to be a good Idea. In case of Sindh then Sindh Bar council and so on. The Kushansmoved from Central Asia to Bactriawhere they stayed for a century.

The procedure selected for admission by the minority institution ought not to ignore the merit of students for admission while exercising the right to admit students by the colleges aforesaid, as in that event, the institution will fail to achieve excellence.

Brewster named to chair newly-created ABA committee on uniform law.12K Dharmapuri bus burning case: T.N. Governor explains why he agreed to set free life convicts.

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Business law paper 2013 punjab university
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