Capstone guidelines

The title page shall contain the following information: Determine your message and your audience and let the visuals speak for themselves, as much as possible Decide on the size of your poster because that will help you decide what goes into and what gets left out of the poster.

In addition, each Hicks Honors College student will work with one of three Honors mentors determined on the basis of the focus Capstone guidelines the project who will review the anticipated relevance of the proposed project to the goals of the Hicks Honors College in the pre-capstone proposal phase and the actual resonance between the completed project and the goals of the Hicks Honors College in the post-capstone report phase.

Page numbering with Arabic numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. Display engagement in one's field or other clearly defined area of interest Be informed by the goals of the Hicks Honors College Amount to hours the equivalent of a 3 credit course Capstone guidelines a semester Be based upon an approved Pre-Capstone Proposal and result in an approved Post-Capstone Report What is the process?

In sum, the Capstone Project is an effort that both "caps" Hicks Honors College students' educational experiences at UNF, prominently including their participation in the Hicks Honors College, and a launching pad for their future endeavors and aspirations.

All pages of the text should be numbered, including the references pages and the appendices. Over the course of Year 2, significant guidance and structure will also be provided by faculty and other students in the sequence of capstone and portfolio courses.

American Psychological Association Whatever style is used, it must be used consistently throughout the entire document. Photographs should be printed on archival-quality paper specific to photographs.

Awards and Rubrics Presentations will be evaluated for several awards in each division Undergraduate and Graduate. Specify the level of competence in cultural sensitivity, languages, or digital technologies needed for the study.

Professor Price Write your Pre-Capstone Proposal and submit it to your Honors faculty Capstone mentor by the mid-semester deadline In addition to the Honors Faculty Capstone mentor, you are required to have a faculty member review and approve the learning outcomes that you expect to result from the Capstone project for example, the professor supervising your research or study abroad, or your internship supervisor Work with your Honors faculty Capstone mentor on any necessary revisions to your proposal Pre-Capstone Proposal Guidelines Describe your intended Capstone Project.

Plan to talk for about minutes and leave minutes for questions and answers. The title page shall contain the following information: Online Submission of Thesis or Dissertation Theses and dissertations can be submitted online at http: However, the margin for the beginning of each chapter should be 1.

The second reader signs off on the capstone project, but does not serve as part of the final portfolio and capstone review. However, in Winter and Spring Quarters the CA should become very actively engaged in assuring successful completion of the project and helping you to prepare for its presentation.

Format & Style Guidelines

Capstone Guidelines General Overview Capstone projects focus on a well-defined research question or problem in depth and with extended commitment please see the box to the right for sample capstones.

See past symposia for examples. The College of Graduate Studies is not responsible for papers that are lost in the mail or if the address provided is incorrect. Font Size and Style. The Capstone Advisor Your CA works with you to bring the capstone project from initial conception to completion and public presentation.

Capstone Guidelines

If you choose this option, keep in mind the following requirements: In most cases, the approved style manual will meet with the approval of the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Frequently Recommended Style Manuals: If it turns out that your existing PA becomes your CA, then the Graduate Office and faculty Coordinator will make arrangements usually in consultation with you to assign a new PA.

See Format of Title Page. If you and your advisors determine that submitting an IRB application is necessary, you should prepare the application according to the instructions available on the Human Subjects Division website http: The Process As is the case with the portfolio, a great deal of support for the capstone process is built into the MACS core curriculum, including writing workshops, peer review time, and presentation practice opportunities.

Font Size and Style.The Capstone instructor may use these guidelines as a starting point for a discussion. The instructor may alter these guidelines. Capstone guidelines Capstone Guidelines.

Capstone submission checklist Capstone Submission Check List (PDF) A. Naming convention VideoFormat_Title with Spaces_LastName_SemesterYear a. Capstone Guidelines 3 CAPSTONE.

P. ROCESS. The Capstone process generally follows three stages. Pre-Seminar Stage. The Pre-Seminar Stage is dedicated to identifying the Capstone Project topic. This is the stage prior to the term in which the student enrolls in Capstone Seminar. Pre-Capstone Proposal Guidelines Describe your intended Capstone Project.

Tentative as they might be, identify the learning outcomes you hope to achieve as a result of completing this project. The Capstone course consists of all of the following components: 1. Submitting a sufficiently focused and relevant Capstone Project proposal 2.

Completing required IRB Training 3. Submitting and receiving approval for an IRB Application 4.

Format & Style Guidelines

Implementing and evaluating the approved Capstone Project 5. The Capstone Symposium at HPU uses the poster presentation format (either only on paper or with multimedia on laptops) in order to promote presenter-audience interaction.

Capstone Guidelines

See examples of past poster presentations here. Capstone Guidelines The purpose of the capstone in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is for students to undertake an independent project that applies and synthesizes what they have learned in their major(s).

Capstone guidelines
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