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For me being Canadian means: So, many apologies to Americans for what will follow, but this essay has a world-wide audience after all. The people are as diverse as our landscape and full of the texture of their heritages. Unlike the American political system, based on mutual check and balances between three political bodies, Canada trusts and promotes good responsible government.

What it Means to be Canadian.

Anglophones were mostly Protestant whereas Francophones were overwhelmingly Catholic. At the time, Portugal and Spain are bringing back tons of gold from the New World, and France wants a piece of that. Being Canadian is part of my identity, who I am. Moving quickly from east to west, we find the rocky shores of Eastern Canada, the green forests of Quebec and Ontario, the plain plains of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Rocky mountains and the rainy Pacific coast of western British Columbia.

It remains to be seen, however, if the Americans have the same degree of awareness, or even most than a slight care for the impacts of their policies. We wear more clothing. Hence most of the comparisons below will be with the United States. Also worth considering is the role that Canada has played in the two World Wars, and WW2 in particular.

As a result of many factors, most of Canadian Political history has been a succession of Tory Conservative and Grit Liberal governments. While there are a variety of political opinions from one ocean to the other, the shape of Canadian politics is a bell curve where most feel comfortable in the middle, with a careful progression towards more progressive values.

Its citizenship policies are friendly to immigrants; the consequent demographic growth will increase both our population and our influence unlike the aging, shrinking Europe.

What Does it Mean to be Canadian? Canada is a world leader in lumber, mines and petroleum extraction. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.

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Canada is a unique country in many ways. So allow me a few minutes of your time, and please be indulgent as I write some pro-Canadian propaganda. But as far as most are concerned, Canadian history begins with the arrival of Jacques Cartier in As did my father.

The latest step in Canadian independence took place inas Canada repatriated its constitution from Britain and, perhaps more significantly, adopted the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom as the overriding document governing the actions of the Canadian government. Canada believes in negotiation and mediation.

The beauty of my country makes me proud. It has made the United States our biggest commercial partner reciprocally soand has also considerably simplified our defence policy. But in the early nineties, something remarkable happened in Canadian politics: We have clean air and land, and we are a free country, where we can speak our minds without fear.

From the west coast's Barkerville where you can experience gold fever first hand to Quebec where you can walk the Plains of Abraham and think about the battle where Montcalm and Wolfe met their deaths, or you can stand on the shores of Halifax and remember the soldiers who left their families to fight overseas.

There is a definite danger that some unsavoury foreign conflicts and attitudes may cause tension as different ethnicities mingle. If anything, the past few year have taught me a lot about my own country. A few unkind Americans always criticize the Canadian fixation on social programs at the expense of military spending, suggesting that Canada benefits from the American defence umbrella.

Whether we are born in Canada or have immigrated here, this is our home and, as the old saying goes, "home is where your heart is". My parents were initially happy. Trying to explain what it means to be Canadian is difficult because it is a deeply personal feeling which I am sure is different for everyone, but is always just as true.

Essay: Being Canadian

Portrait of a nation? When Canada takes gold and our flag is raised it is like the whole of Canada has accomplished something amazing. And this leads us directly to one particularly contentious issue.Essay about Canada Type of paper: Essays Subject: Education, Geography Words: Canada is an amazing country and it would be not fair to talk only about such ordinary and boring aspects like economic development, mining industry or political system – the things which would never attract neither you, nor any.

Exactly what the title says, it's my view on what it means to be Canadian. An essay I wrote for school that I liked. Rated: Fiction K - English Being Canadian is part of my identity, who I am.

I have not done much traveling but I have been to Mexico and Australia, and done a road trip through the States to Georgia, up the east coast of the.

And other writings on literature. essay on being canadian students & public NUSU - Nipissing University Student Union | Local Open Document. Below is an essay on "Being Canadian" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Open Document. Below is an essay on "Being Canadian" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Being There is the story of Chance, a simple gardener turned American media hero.

He seems to know nothing but television and gardening. His thoughts and judgments are products of television and his gardening experience.

Essay on being canadian
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