The lack of potential in some religions in becoming a global religion

This could drive a continued degree of conflict between Muslims and others in the global future. What Americans believe and expect about the global size of religious groups Before releasing projections of the future size of religious groups inPew Research Center asked members of the American Trends Panel a few questions about their perceptions of the global religious landscape — and their expectations for its future.

However, all these developments have not led to much improvement in the quality of life. On the one hand, many of the problems faced by humanity remain unsolved, and on the other, a lot of new problems have emerged.

Over the past six years, a number of former Pew Research Center staff members also played critical roles in producing the population projections. All religions have to cooperate with each other if we have to resist the forces of globalization and bring about a new humanity.

All countries in the world are pluralistic without choice. But now they have taken the back seat and let the trading companies take the lead. Jews are also quite high at 2. Global citizenship not only includes privileges but also responsibilities. Please hold your questions and comments for now, but do feel free to get up and get more food and more coffee.

This slide shows the current total fertility rate for various groups.

Event: The Future of World Religions

Self-actualisation or self-fulfillment is the goal of all religions. Unaffiliated women are older than the affiliated and thus more likely to be past their prime childbearing years. It is in the realm of culture that globalization is most visible and apparent.

This overall projection 9. The modern missionaries link belief with prosperity. How many real Christians are there, that believe what Christians should? Religions can show the transcendental dimension of life.

Christians are the largest religious group in the world, followed by Muslims, and then the unaffiliated, Hindus, Buddhists, folk religionists, members of the inclusive other religion category, and Jews are the smallest of the eight religious groups that we consider.

Why did some ancient religions fall and others rise?

Grim and visiting senior research fellow Mehtab Karim. Economic growth among the global religiously unaffiliated population is expected to be on par with global economic growth in the years ahead.

Between andan estimated 68 million babies were born to unaffiliated mothers, compared with million to Hindu mothers. The Christian churches and other religious and secular organizations are mobilizing people against its unhealthy influences.

Hinduism and Buddhism, which originated on the Indian soil, have spread to almost every country in the world. We project that in the United States, Muslims will become the largest proper religious group after Christians by the yearsurpassing the Jewish population.

Recently an international forum on globalization stated that "it is not the latest phase of human progress but rather an ideology imposed on the world by transnational corporations and their followers in governments and universities" Jay Walljasper, They can establish the fact that it is God who rules the world, not a few business corporations and the governments that support them.

The survey questions discussed in this sidebar were developed before the first report was released, which is why they ask about expectations for the size of religious groups in rather than If you look at countries relatively comparative to the United States in terms of openness, democratic structures, and you look at the polling data that is done using techniques similar to those in the United States and compare it to the census data, is there any pattern you see that would give you insight into what would happen in the United States if religion were included on the census data?

All religions have to cooperate with each other if we have to resist the forces of globalization and bring about a new humanity.

The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050

One of those stories is about Muslim immigration. As a result, separate projections are not possible for atheists or agnostics. Similarly, other religious groups saw either positive natural increase or little net change, with a few exceptions: Rather, the projections extend the recently observed patterns of religious switching in all countries for which sufficient data are available 70 countries in all.

In Europe, however, Christian deaths already outnumber births — a deficit that is projected to grow through We Americans just — we see both and we just see Muslims but it seems to me that this division may be the most significant religious division in the world today and is likely to continue to be an important division.

For this reason, many population projections do not include migration in their models. Data on subgroups of the unaffiliated are also unavailable in many countries.

Most people in Africa identify as Christian or Muslim and that is going to drive the growth of both groups toward the end of the century if the trends in our report continue. Incensuses and surveys indicate, there were about 1.

Even the youth are running after money and enjoyments rather than ideals.Judaism Which question from the list did you select to answer in your position paper? Does every religion have the potential to become a global religion?

Or are some religions destined to remain local? Why did you select your chosen research question? Nov 20,  · The impact of religion is on the rise on a global scale. By the middle of this century, the number of people affiliated with a religion is expected to grow by billion, from billion in.

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Why did some ancient religions fall and others rise? became an aspect of a religion’s appeal as global exploration ensued. Xty spread for. The Role of Religions in a Globalized World Abraham Oommen.

We should note that all religions were global and transnational; they could organize people beyond national boundaries. People should be encouraged to use the potential resources of religion. Religions can show the transcendental dimension of life.

They can lead men and. Global Religion Experts. Follow the RSS feed for this page. The Lack of Potential in Some Religions in Becoming a Global Religion PAGES 4.

How religious will the world be in 2050?

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The lack of potential in some religions in becoming a global religion
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